Seaman Job 2nd Officer June 2016

Seaman Job 2nd  Officer June 2016
SEAMAN JOB - Latest info seafarers jobs rank 2nd officer join onboard mid June 2016 please send your complete CV to shipping and crewing company available, only crew meet requirements calling for interview.

1. AHST Vessel
 Second officer
Job duration
 4 months
Sailing area
 Middle east
  1.  Experience on offshore vessel
  2. Completed document and valid
  3. Can speak English
  4. Fit medical check up
Send complete CV to

Address : Jasa Merin
Jasa Merin Sdn BhdNo. 7776
Jalan Kubang Kurus 24000 Kemaman
Terengganu Darul Iman - Malaysia

2. LPG Tanker
 2nd Officer
Job duration
 3 months
Sailing area
  1.  Experience on LPG vessel.
  2. Completed document and valid STCW 201.
  3. Good English
  4. Fit medical check up
Send CV to
Contact person Janis Daksa

Address : BGI Marine
17a Duntes street, riga - Latvia

2nd Officer Job Description
1. Undertaking the task of take care of while sailing and in port. 
2. Draw a line of direction in map based on the directions and endorsement from captain. 
3. Check the availability of a map with correction last and log book for the purpose of shipping planned in accordance with the latest information. 
4. Determining the position of ships the middle of the day and set up report every midday. 
5. Tending all equipment and supplies navigation. 
6. Implement care the figure of objects, including flag the lights navigation and tools cue. 
7. Implement security and care the wheelhouse, space, chart and navigation instruments including binocular , telescope , lights disdain handy talky during a ship re in port.
8. Working with chief engineer to prepare voyage report  and timely.
9. Prepare every weather report needed working with radio officer.  
10. Undertake the task as an officer health , preparing and ensure that inventories medical equipment and medicines enough.

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