Marine Job Vacancy Rank Chief Officer June 2016

Marine Job Vacancy Rank Chief Officer June 2016
MARINE JOBS - Need urgent chief officer join onboard June 2016 for bulkcarrier ship, ferry ship, container ship in shipping company available. If you need jobs please apply this job and complete requirements for interview.

1. Bulk Carrier Ship
 Chief Officer
Job duration
 6 Months
Sailing area
  1. Completed document and valid.
  2. Experience with same rank in ship.
  3. Have US visa.
  4. Fit medical chek up
Send CVto

Address :
Samsun - Turkey
2. Ferry Ship
Job duration
 4 months
Sailing area
Mediterranean sea
  1.  Experience on ferry, ro-ro ship.
  2. Completed document and valid
  3. Good English and ISM Knowledge.
  4. Fit medical check up.
Send CV to

Address :
3rd Cristea Georgescu Street 900733
Constanta - Romania
3. Container Ship
 Chief Officer
Job duration
 5 months
Sailing area
 Ocean going
  1.  Experience on container ship.
  2. Good English.
  3. US visa preferable.
  4. Fit medical check up
  5. Completed document STCW 2010.
Send CV to

Address :
6/1 Mukachivsky lane, office 3
Odessa - Ukraine

Chief Officer Job Description 
1. Has a duty and responsibilities in navigation ship sailing. 
2. Are responsible for operational cargo, including loading and , load and planning loading. 
3. Responsible for maintaining equipment, loading and unloading that was sitting on a ship. 
4. Calculation stability a ship. 
5. Are responsible for care the hull of a ship and accommodation. 
6. All safety equipment and equipment blackout all are under the responsibility of the chief officer. 
7. Responsible for making the working crew decks the department.
8. Responsible for completion and demolition of ballast. 
9. Ensure that all crew understanding of regulations latest listed in SOLAS , STCW, MARPOL etc. 
10. Responsible in the implementation of the isps code.
11. Training for all our crews above a ship that the rules national and international in accordance with company policy.
12. Checking on supply spare parts part decks, demand goods, recording over time, monthly reports and manufacture of important documents other in accordance with company management 
13. Act as a ship security an officer ( SSO ), responsible for security a ship for sailing and port.
14. In overall for the security all decks crew.
15. Responsible for the welfare of the crew.

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