Seafarers Jobs For 3rd Officer June 2016

Seafarers Jobs For 3rd Officer June 2016
SEAFARERS JOB - Lates info jobs for 3rd officer join onboard mid June 2016 for cruise ship, cargo ship, supply vessel. Please completed requrements berfore your send CV for apply job available.

1. Cruise Ship
 3Rd Officer
 $2800 per month
Job duration
 3 month renew
Sailing area
 Mediterranean sea
  1.  Able speak English.
  2. Completed document and valid.
  3. Welcome to fresh graduation.
  4. Fit medical check up
Send your CV to
Contact person Nancy Covic

Address :
Livanjska ul. 5
21000, Split - Croatia
2. Cargo Ship
 $2400 per month
Job duration
 6 months
Sailing area
  1. Welcome to fresh graduation.
  2.  Completed document.
  3.  Fit medical check up
  4.  Experience work on mix crew
  5.  Good English.
Send CV to
Contact person Natlia Dubovik

Address :
5/a, Rybakov str office 222-224
Sevastopol - Russia
3. Supply Vessel
Third Officer
$2600 per month
Job duration
4 month
Sailing area
Asian waters

  1. Complete document and valid STCW 2010.
  2. Fit medical check up.
  3. Good knowledge.
  4. Able speak English
  5. Familiar work with mix crew.
Send your CV to

Address : Alpha Navigation
10/2 Marshala Govorova str 65063
Odessa - Ukraine
3rd Officer Jobs Description
1. Responsible for the maintenance of and comprehensiveness of lifeboats, liferafts, lifebuoys and Lifejackets, and administration.
2. Responsible maintenance, the it works well on bottles fire, instrument pitcher a rope, parachute signal, respiratory tools, etc.
3. Make fire plane , a sloop and people man overboard, curtains and spread them out where they are as specified.
4. Maintaining and keep completeness flag nationality, flag watchword international, and flag company.
5. Supervise freshwater tank, ballast tank and bilges hold and make with a journal.
6. Help the second officer in determining noon positions.

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