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Seaman Job Rank Master June 2016

Seaman Job Rank Master June 2016
SEAMAN JOB - Latest info open job vacancies shipping company rank master for supply vessel, tanker vessel, cruise ship join onboard June 2016 Available. If you interested please complete requirements before apply jobs.

Only a candidate crew meeting the requirements will be contacted by crewing dept.

1. Supply Vessel

$250 per day
Job duration
3 months
Sailing area
Abu dhabi

  1. Age limit 50 years.
  2. Experience minimum 2 years.
  3. Completed document and valid.
  4. Fit medical check up.
  5. Good English.
  6. Similiar with mix crew.

Send your CV to crew_offshore@ukrseaman.odessa.ua

Address : UKR SEAMAN

Ap 24 36 Zhukovskogo Str, 65045
Odessa - Ukraine.

2. Oil Chemical Tanker
Job duration
 3 - 4 months
Sailing area
  1.  Experience same rank in chemical tanker ship.
  2. Good English.
  3. Fit medical check up.
Send CV to 
Contact person Damjan

Address : TSM
Obala Kneza Trpimira 2 23000 Zadar - Croatia

3. Cruise Ship
 $11500 per month
Job duration
 4 months
Sailing area
  1. Experience on cruise ship.
  2. Completed document and valid.
  3. Fit medical check up
  4. Good English
  5. Good Atitude
Send your CV to

Address :
Katrinas dambis 22a riga- Latvia

Job description Master / Captain
1. Equip the ship perfectly. 
2. Ill-fated the ship adequately accordance with the procedure / rules.
3. Make the ship seaworthy. 
4. Responsible for the safety shipping. 
5. Responsible for the human safety who is up the ship. 
6. Comply with the orders of tiller of a vessel during not deviating from laws and regulations.

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NOTE !!! Jobs available is free no pay anything.

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