Engine Departements Vacancy On Cruise Ship

Engine Departements Vacancy On Cruise Ship
Work on a cruise ship good choice for those of you who like a challenge and needed the responsibility of extra because it involves the safety of the human life.

To be able to work on a cruise ship you should be able to speak English with the level of good as well as with expertise in every department work.

On a cruise ship is divided into many department working with the parent decks department and engine department, but this time we must know engine department and how a requirement is able to work in the job categories.

Engine department comprising several a tenure by which you must know

Engine officer
- Chief engineer
- 1/E
- 2/E
- 3/E
- 4/E

Engine rating
- Electrician
- Oiler No 1
- Oiler
- Wiper

If you want to be engine officer of course certificate of proficiency for seafarers have to class I - III and you can get at the of Maritime University. To engine rating you can get COP at maritime short course training center for certificate of competency as BST / PSCRB / AFF / MFA / CCM / SAT / SDSD and etc.

The following list of engine department jobs on cruises a ship

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