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Marine Careers Vacancy for Deck Departement

Marine Careers Vacancy for Deck Departement
SEAMAN JOB - Be part of crew a ship of course fun and make economy family will increase, but to work in maritime especially working on a boat certainly must be having Certificated of competency maritime and certificates of proficiency.

If you want to work on a ship please complete marine document for working, for that you can go through education short course or sea of the university.

If you seek the education through short course you will get qualifications rating. Rating COP and COC own divided into decks rating or engine rating all depends on interested you to working on which.

If followed Marine through university, so rank in ship gets is Officer.

Decks officer divided and decks rating included in categories decks department and divided into various is as follows :

Deck officer
- Captain
- Chief Officer
- 2nd Officer
- 3rd Officer
- 4rd Offficer

Deck Rating
- Botswain / Bosun
- Cook
- Able Bodied
- Ordinary Seaman
- Mess Man

The following list of marine careers for decks department

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