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Seafarer Jobs in Australia

Seafarer Jobs in Australia
Tanker Ship
SEAFARER JOB - We need seaman crew for jobs in Australia vessel operation area join date ( A.S.A.P ) for a container ship, bulk carrier vessel, oil tanker ship, supply vessel with rank decks ratings and engine ratings.

If you interested in please complete the requirements that available for each rank in Australia shipping company below :

1. Boatswain
Requirements :

  • Duration contract : 4 months
  • Salary : $100 per day
  • Ship type : Supply vessel
  • Completed and valid document
  • Experience same rank in offshore vessel
  • Fit medical check up
  • Good English Communication

Send your CV for apply job on Alpha Crew via email cv@alphacrew.com / www.alphacrew.com

Boatswain job description :
1. Maintenance of main decks. 
2. Maintenance cleanliness deck store such as paint , accommodation room , mess room and toilet. 
3. Care over building the hull of a ship. 
4. Maintenance and storage equipment, instrument work decks. 
5. Help operation, loading and discharging cargo. 
6. Cleaning a tank or cargo hatch.
7. Help activities alongside vessel in port .
8. Ensure a rope, wire rope stored properly and store of a rope to be to stay clean and watertight.

2. Able Seaman
Requirements :
  • Work duration : 6 months
  • Salary : $1800 per month
  • Ship type : Oil tanker vessel
  • Completed and valid document STCW 2010
  • Schengen visa
  • Fit medical check up
  • Mix crew
  • Minimum English level moderate
  • Experience work at tanker ship
  • Fit medical check up
Send your CV for apply job on OWC crewing company via email petersburg@oceanwidecrew.com contact person Oxana ( Crewing Department ).

3. Mess Man
Requirements :
  • Ship type : Cargo vessel
  • Duration : 9 months
  • Salary : $1000 per month
  • Completed and valid document STCW 2010
  • Fit medical check up
Mess man job description :
1. Ensure hygiene gangway, toilets and mess room always clean and well maintained. 
2. Assists the chief cook in preparing food, to focus on the kitchen and shed supplies. 
3. Keep their ship entrusted to kitchen tools, apron, cutlery, etc.
4. Help chief cook for stock taking and estimate the cost of food supplies ship every last month. 

4. Engine Cadet
Requirements :
  • Duration : 6 months
  • Ship type : AHTS
  • Salary : $400
  • Crew mix
Send your CV for apply job on UKRSEAMAN via email crew_offshore@ukrseaman.oddesa.ua contact person Lilia ( Crewing Manager ).

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