Required master, chief engineer, chief officers, pumpman

Seaman job vacancy join onboard January 2018
Seaman job vacancy join onboard January 2018 available opening position deck and engine crew for oil tanker ship, chemical tanker ship, RORO ship.

If you interested to join, please completed requirements and experience position in the same vessel minimum 1-year work onboard at the ship.

Master - Chief engineer - Chief officer - Pumpman 
$2200 - $13000 per month 
Job duration
3 - 7 months 
Sailing area
Ocean going 
Available position:

1. Master of chemical tanker vessel
-  joining date  January.15.2018
- Contract duration 3 months
- Salary start from $13000
- Must experience the same position in oil tanker vessel

2. Chief engineer
- Joining date January 2018
- Contract 4 months
- Vessel type RO-RO
- Dwt 2300

3. Chief officer
- Must experience in rank on board chemical tankers IMO 1 cat required
- Contract duration 4 months
- Vessel type oil chemical tanker
- Salary $10500 per month

4. Pumpman
- Experienced Pumpman, who: + is ready to join around 15/11/2017
- Experience on IMO Class 1 Chem Tanker is MUST
- Experience with Stainless Steel tanks is MUST
- Ready for 7 +/- 1 months contract
- Ready to work for 2200 USD / monthly wage
- Good English skills + sailed preferably with US and Schengen Visas on hands

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