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How To Use Gas Detectors Instrument

How To Use Gas Detectors Instrument

Personal single gas monitors for oxygen, toxic of flammable gasses
Oxy-Mate - Oxygen detector
Toxi-Mate - Toxic gas detector

This "C" -series, compact, sets new standards for pesonal gas monitors for flammable, oxygen and toxic gases. Designed for use in the toughest marine environments - offering an unbeatable combination of powerful, loud and bright alarams with a compact and lightweight design.

Single gas monitors - Personal monitors you can trust
* Compact and lightweight
* True one button operation
* Easy to read LCD display with backlight
* Clear indication of operating status
* 30 day countdown warning of calibration due dates

* 95dBA audible alarm
* Striking twin red/blue visual alaram
* Internal vibrating alaram
* Two levels of instantaneous alaram
* Time weighted average alarams for toxic versions

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