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Career opportunities on offshore drilling ship

Career opportunities on offshore drilling ship
MARINE JOBS - Career opportunities on offshore drilling ship join onboard mid of February 2017
3rd officer - Bosun - Cook - Electrician
Job duration
3 - 6 months
Sailing area
Middle east
  • Experience in offshore vessel
  • Completed all stcw 2010 and offshore certificate
  • Good English
  • ENG I Medical
Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.

About offshore drilling ship
Offshore drilling ship is a marine vessel that's been modified to drill oil and gas wells. While drilling ship look similar to a tanker or cargo vessel, there are a couple of major differences. 

Drilling ship are equipped with a drilling derrick and moon pool. Additionally, drilling ship have extensive mooring or positioning equipment, as well as a helipad to receive supplies and transport staff.

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