Career in dredger ship

Career in dredger ship
MARINE JOBS - Career information in dredger ship join onboard end of February 2017 in Indonesia.
2nd officer - 3rd officer - Cook
$1500 - $3100
Job duration
10 months
Sailing area
  • Exp min 2 years in same vessel
  • Good English
  • Completed all stcw 2010 and valid
  • Fit medical check up
Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.

About dredger ship
Dredger ship is a digging the seabed, by scraping or sucking. It is mainly done either to increase the depth of the area to make it navigable for ships or to collect sand to dispose it to some other areas. The ships used for these purposes are known as dredgers.

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