Able Seaman For Container Ship September 2016

MARITIME JOB - Recruitment seaman rank position able seaman on container ship join date end of September 2016.

If you want to join us in container ship please send your updated CV with completed requirements below.
AB ( Able Seaman ) 
$1500 per month 
Job duration
10 months 
Sailing area
  • Completed all STCW 2010 document and valid
  • Experience with same rank minimum 2 time contract
  • Able speak English
  • Fit medical check up
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Able seaman job description
- Helps to run lifting crane operation
- Keep optimal maintenance deck
- Maintain good spare parts stock to common deck and maintenance work
- Handle straps and cables to make slings and tackle
- Check, maintain and repair equipment
- Keep the safety and environmental regulations on board
- Deck and accommodation cleaning and painting
- Comply with national and international laws and regulations maritime
- Helps Bosun and deck officer

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