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Need Oiler For Offshore Vessel

Need Oiler For Offshore Vessel
SEAMAN JOB - Vacancy need 2 person oiler for offshore vessel if you interested please send updated cv with completed requirements below.
$100 per day 
Job duration
6 month 
Sailing area
Africa offshore area 
  1. Have Bosiet opito, Seaman Book, passport and other.
  2. Experience with same rank.
  3. Able speak English.
  4. Fit medical check up.
Send CV to cv@opsgroups.com

Company Profile

Our company is to give our customers the value of the problem of human resources. Water service advice that develops through the well-established cooperation ties and the desire to achieve excellent results and passion.

And OPSGroup highly experienced and professional experience in the oil and gas industry and we are ready to explore and identify candidates who are able to use, an important and meeting the specific needs of
OPS Group also Thai and Myanmar crew of drilling onshore and offshore sector.

We serve both international drilling contractor with a reputation and provide qualified drilling to the position of each group member.
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