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Jobs For Electrical Engineer

Jobs For Electrical Engineer
SHIP JOB - Vacancy for electrical engineer if you interested please send updated CV with completed requirements below.
Electrical engineer 
Job duration
Full time 
Sailing area
  1. Rough in lay out of conduits such as PVC, IMC, and Rigid. 
  2. For Lighting and Power outlets. Fire Alarm System Controls. 
  3. CCTV Surveillance camera. Small power for Auxiliary. Telephone and DataTracing and cable pulling of single wires and fire protected wires for lighting and power. 
  4. Communication wires for Telecom and Data. 
  5. Installation of Cable Trays and Trenches
  6. Installation of different type of Panels.
  7. Isolation testing of wires according to resistance required.
  8. Termination and Connection of cable wires for Lighting fixtures controlled by BMS, Power outlets, CCTV Cameras, Smoke Detectors, Alarm Bells, Strobe Light and other devices.
  9. Installation of Canopy lightings, Roadway lightings and Flood lightings.
  10. Termination of Hi and Low Power Cables at Breakers in Main Distribution Panel, Branches Panel, Generator Panel. And other Panel for Fire Alarm, UPS, and Control Panel.
  11. Installation of Grounding wires and rod for lightning arrester and equipment for telecom, electrical and generators.
  12. Exothermic welding (Cad Welding) for aerial and underground tapping connection.
  13. Test Grounding Resistance by digital 4 pole grounding tester. According to resistance required. 
  14. Commissioning and Testing.
Send CV to crew@marisrecruitment.com

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