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Seafarers Job Rank C/E June 2016

Seafarers Job Rank C/E June 2016
1. Container Ship
 $9000 per month
Job duration
 3 months
Sailing area
 Ocean going
  1.  Experience with same rank.
  2.  Completed document and valid.
  3.  Fit medical check up.
Send CV to 

Address :

23a Vladimirsky prospect
Regent Hall, 5th floor
St. Petersburg - Russia

2. Crude Oil Tanker Ship
Chief engineer
$12000 per month
Job duration
4 months
Sailing area

  1. Minimum experience 2 years on tanker vessel.
  2. Good English.
  3. Similar work with mix crew.
  4. Completed document and valid.
  5. Prefer US visas.
Send CV to info@eurocrew.ua.com

Address : Eurocrew Ltd

3 Sabanskiy Lane
office 10-N 65026
Odessa - Ukraine

3. AHTS Vessel
 $300 per day
Job duration
 3 months
Sailing area
 Middle east
  1.  Completed document and valid.
  2.  Good English.
  3.  Experience with offshore vessel.
  4. Fit medical test.
Send CV to hr@bmccompany.com.ua

Address : BMC Company

Komunariv Str 22
Kherson - Ukraine
C/E Job Description
1. Checking around an engine room including the house machine steering, chimney, the emergency generators and space a cooling. 
2. Checking and started writing log book an engine room every day. 
3. Fill a summary logs machine and reports day. 
4. Check the surface sludge, bilge and sump tanks play engine to ascertain whether there are abnormal.
5. Many more. 

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