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Seafarers job For 1/E June 2016

Seafarers job For 1/E June 2016
1.General Cargo ship
$3000 per month
Job duration
4 months
Sailing area
Ocean going

  1. Completed document and valid.
  2. Experience same rank on general cargo ship.
  3. Good English.
Send CV to 

Address :

Office 12, 8-V Armeyskaya Str
Odessa - Ukraine
2. Oil tanker ship
 First Engineer
Job duration
 6 months
Sailing area
  1. Minimum experience 2 years with same rank.
  2. Prefer US visa.
  3. Fit medical check up.
  4. Join date A.S.A.P
Send your CV for apply

Address :

60 jalan seruling 45
tmn klang jaya 41200
selangor - malaysia.
3. AHTS vessel
 $200 per day
Job duration
 3 months
Sailing area
 North sea
  1.  Good English.
  2.  Experience with same rank.
  3.  Completed document and valid.
  4.  Fit medical check up.
Send CV to recruitment@selectoffshore.com

Address :

68 Lombard Street 
London EC3V 9LJ 
United Kingdom
1/E job description
1. Make sure that the arrangement duty a watchman set maintained the way of common from him, a commissioned officer machine that a duty take care of must help operation of machinery locomotion ships and machine help safely and efficiently. 
2. Protect that supervision done carefully against the system prime mover and help until he was replaced duty, done patrol around the enough on machinery and the engine room the wheel to observe and reported that there are certain abnormality / damage machinery, guide setup parameter operation machinery if necessary. 
3. The guidance to members of keep tells him in the event of the possibility of a dangerous state of affairs that will affect the machinery and risking the safety of persons or a ship.
4 . Ensure that an engine room always manned all the time. If multiple from members of duty in a state not capable , he had to manage his successor. Under any circumstances, an engine room may not unmanned. 
5. Taking a step necessary limit the impact of the ravages of fire, damage machine, a pipe rupture, etc. 
6. Ensure that he and members of duty knew the amount of, type and location equipment the extinguishing of fires and means of damage control and use.
7. Said telegraph and telephone quickly, every command from the bridge must begin immediately tell C/E if evidence for changes speed machine or command other important from the bridge.

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