Tips for seaman successful job interview

Tips for seaman successful job interview
SEAFARERS JOB - A job interview is a selection process to be passed by every seafarer when applied for a job. Might feel would be difficult if it feels nervous when will ahead a job interview, especially if the interview that they used English.

In order to a successful job interview, we give tips to seafarers when to follow a job interview.
1. Bring reserve photo and CV you, if have a money reserve more for something sudden.

2. Give me an answer clear and specific and not too excessive.

3. For a good impression on when the interview as shake hands or utter greetings.

4. Excited and think positive, but not too over.

5. Not too much talk, to give you a not considered excessive.

6. Prepare your physical to sleep enough that while we look fresh and not sluggish because sometimes a too number of participants interview took long enough.

7. Make praying that your acceptable work.

Job interview the most determining is when you meet a representative of a ship and secret in the interview. If you pass interview crewing agent, but when user less meets its value you can't acceptable as crew the ships.

Hopefully tips successful job interview can help you while attending the interview , following the seaman job vacancy available.

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