Learning Cargo Ship Handling Part 1

Learning Cargo Ship Handling
SEAMAN JOB SOLUTION - Makes ship survive in sailing to a destination is needed best planning to carry a cargo and seaman must know about cargo ship handling that would give faith in ownership.

The handling and setting charge there are five the handling of the charge

1. safety a ship
2. Safety of  cargo
3. Exploitation space load as maximum as possible
4. Loading and discharging a quickly
5. Care of crew and stevedore

A. Safety a Ship

1. The division of the charge in an upright manner
- If concentrated at the lower part of the value of GM be great as a result the ship would be stiff.

- When concentrated on the upper part of GM value into small as a result become no balance ship .

2. The division of charge in longitudinal
- Related to the issues trim sagging and hogging.
- Trim is the difference laden front and back.

If the charge heavier on the front called trim by the head, if heavier behind called trim back.

If the charge concentrated at the central part of a ship called sagging, but if concentrated in the tip of the end of called hogging.

Vessel in a condition sagging or hogging may result in the occurrence damage to connection a ship, especially on the deck and on the license plate.

B. Safety of Cargo

In accordance responsibility for transporting have to keep the safety of charge of damage for sailing in responsibilities.

Damage charge can be cause some things :
1. Damage a ship 
2. Damage a cargo 
3. Cargo handling not good 
4. Pilferage cargo

To prevent this may be done by means
1. Dunnage cargo 
2. Lashing and securing cargo 
3. The provision of air ventilation 
4. Separation cargo

C. Exploitation space load as maximum as possible

The trick is to reduce maximum broken stowage 

                Volume of hatch - volume of cargo
BS = ___________________________________  X  100 % 
                            Volume of hatch

Broken stowage due to.
1. The form of hatch 
2. The form of cargo
3. A kind of charge 
4. Stevedores skill
5. Usgee of Dunnage

Broken stowage happened to places.
1. Angles angles hold 
2. Between of cargo 
3. Bilges tanks 

Things to be done to reduce broken stowage 
1. Election the form of  cargo according to the forms hatch. 
2. Grouping and selection kind of charge 
3. Usage filler cargo 
4. Supervision cargo ship handling

D. Loading and discharging a quickly 

Possible with the creation a process of activities unloading efficient and effective in the use of time and money.

Things to be prevented is 
1. Long hatch 
2. Over stowage 
3. Over carriage 

Long hatch heaping a cargo of many a hatch to a certain or the division of an uneven hatch space to any port for specific objectives. As a consequence, there a long time discharging on the hatch ( gang hours ).

Over stowage is cargo should be demolished finding port purpose constrained by another cargo is on top. Therefore cargo a barrier to be transferred first and cargo to discharge. 

Consequently discharging long time and money to be great because we should loading back cargo obstructions were and it will damage occurs in the process of loading and discharging.

Over carriage is cargo should be demolished in a seaport the purpose carried off to the next port as a result arising claims which is very harmful shipping company and for corporate responsibility to bring a charge return to the destination port.

To prevent the occurrence of long hatch, over and over stowage carriage then that must be considered are.

1. Best planning an arrangement. 
2. The separation of the perfect. 
3. The provision of port label ( port a mark ) clear. 
4. Checks on at the end of the demolition.

E. Care of crew and stevedore

Is that during the process loading and discharging must to safety crew and stevedore accident or danger poisoning etc.

To be continued...
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