Maritime Vacancies for Container Vessel

Maritime Vacancies for Container Vessel
SEAFARERS JOB - Very urgent we need crew for working on a container vessel , for those of you who interested want to job at sea please apply your CV maritime vacancies for this month and complete the requirements that set by every shipping company. A container ship is one of a breed of cargo vessel who brings a charge such as electronic goods , food , vehicles , material production mill that included in a box rectangular , called box container in various sizes.

Continer ship divided on some types of
- Full container ship is the ship which all cargo of the container box .
- Spring container ship sometimes serves to transport containers and as a general cargo ship .

The following detail info on maritime vacancies for container ship ;
1. Chief officer
- Maximum age limit 50 years
- Contract duration 1 month on board - 1 month off board
- Salary negotiable
- Experiance with same position in cargo vessel, bulk carrier, general cargo, container vessel
- Completed marine document and valid
- Fit medical check up
Send your CV for apply this job to Marine Crewing Agency ( )
Address : Str. Cristea georgescu 3int 04 constanta - Romania
Contact person : Crewing Departement

2. Second Officer
- Experiance work at sea
- Salary negotiable
- Completed document and valid
- Continual contract duration
- Fit medical check up
Send your CV and full scan document to Bumi Armada Berhad ( )
Address ; Menara perak level 21, 24 jalan perak kuala lumpur - Malaysia
Contact person : Fleet HR Departement

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Job description :
1.Hold duty take care of navigation 
2.Held a deck log book and a record book other anything to do with the deck department, well and correctly.
3.Examine and oversees the activities of the loading and discharging to care of all that safety, safety soul and firemen, unless determined specifically for the department of machine 
4.Implement inspection that were considered necessary to or instructed by skippers 
5.Supervise training deck cadet 
6.Implement care and security in sloop helper and its equipment 
7.Implement care on it a buoy, a buoy safety and its equipment 
8.Carry out surveillance and security in life raft and its equipment 
9.Carry out surveillance, security and maintenance on a danger and nozzle service, fire extinguisher that is portable and instrument safety soul and fireman other.

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