Marines Careers Supply Ship

Marines Careers Supply Ship
SEAFARERS JOB - Info marines carriers, this month to a supply vessel of available , please submit your CV to the shipping companies under this stuff was a seaman job vacancy to the position of captain , chief engineer , decks officer , engine officer , bosun , electrician , able bodied , cook , oiler , ordinary seaman , oiler and mess man.

How it works aboard an offshore vessel? Before sailing vessel the responsibility of us have to make sure the ship, we worthy of operating the sea. Calculation GM and stability is the beginning of success our working, because of the weather bad could jeopardize a ship. So make sure a vessel in stability good. All the captains of a ship must understand guide guide the standard and check list have to be in the contents of with the right. That can reduce errors smallest possible.

The following detail info about marine job supply vessel
1. Captain
2. Chief engineer
3. Deck officer
4. Engine officer
5. Deck rating
6. Enginee rating
- Minimum experiance 6 month with same rank on supply vessel
- Good english
- Duration job 3 - 6 months
- Salary negotiable
- Sailing area Saudi Arabia
- Crew mix 13 person on board
Apply job in AGMS shipping company via email / visit
Address : khafji po box 48 khafji - Saudi Arabia 
Contact person : Eman ( crewing departement )

Job description :
1. Used transport drilling oil rig offshore for freight logistic in the bridge oil , and his service under sea . A ship this type of also not furnished cargo hatch , so that the goods will placed on main decks.
2. Captain: take full responsibility for the work from start to completed the implementation of the work .
3. Chief engineer: responsible for the smooth any apparatus, machinery when progression of an anchor handling .
3 . Chief officer: came and responsible monitor any activity during progression of an anchor handling or supply goods to oil rig good personnel and while the ship manouver .
5.bosun: leader for bodied able to set the implementation of the work down main decks , good to prefer all equipment work and placement position of the anchor and buoy above decks .
6 .Engine officer: serving as the operators in Tugger a winch .
7 .Able bodied: assistant bosun .
8 .Oiler: monitoring in control room and main engine.

Job urgent :

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