Hiring Fitter, Ordinary Seaman, A/B, Bosun, Electrician, 3rd Engineer On Container Vessel

seaman job vacancy
Company name: Capital Shipmanning Phils, Inc. (POEA-026-SB-031621-R-MLC).

Office address: 12th Floor G.E Antonino Building, T.M. Kalaw Corner, J. Bocobo Street Ermita, Manila.

Container vessel, rank:
- 3rd engineer 2x
- Electrician 2x
- Bosun
- Able bodied seaman 2x
- Ordinary seaman 2x
- Fitter 2x

- Preferably holder of valid US visa or Schengen visa
- Valid and on hand documents
- At least 18 months in position applied
- Last sign off must not be more than 9 months
- International experience

Send your Resume with email subject (NAME+APPLY POSITION+EXPERIENCE) to capitalshipmanning2020@gmail.com

Job valid for the month of April 2023.

Job only for Filipino crew.

seaman job vacancy
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