Electrician For Bay Ship & Yacht

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CAREER INFO - Available seafarers jobs, seaman job vacancy, seaman hiring position marine electrician and only here you can find career information for seaman working in Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

Bay Ship & Yacht Co.

All Job Position:
Marine electrician
About Company: www.bay-ship.com
At Bay Ship & Yacht people are our most valuable asset. Our core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment guide us everywhere we operate. We offer an excellent benefits package, including 401k, paid time off, and medical, dental and life insurance.

Our employees take pride in providing the highest quality and efficiency, and they have a personal interest in the success of the organization. Because of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, knowledge and ideas are shared freely. Our leading-edge facility ensures environmental protection, quality, efficiency and safe working conditions for our employees. Teamwork and open communication are emphasized between all departments, teams and employees. We have excellent moral with a respectful, positive and cooperative work environment.

Source: http://bit.ly/2JyOScM

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