Elect, Welder, Master, C/E, 2/O, 3/O, 2/E, 3/O, Cargo Cleaner, Engine Cadet, Deck Cadet, C/O For Bulk and Container Ships (Worldwide Jobs)

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CAREER INFO - Available seafarers jobs, seaman job vacancy, domestic seaman hiring and only here you can find career information for seaman working in Bulk, Container ships.

About company: www.dgs.hr
DGS is a maritime crew management and recruitment agency founded in 1995 in Rijeka, Croatia. Our personnel's maritime experience, partnerships and continuous education - with a little help from innovative technology - enable us to provide high quality services within maritime industry. Over the years, DGS has grown into a successfully run family business with years of experience in human resources and crew management for all maritime sectors.

By persistently creating a pool of skillful and reliable crew members for each principal individually, we are able to offer quality personnel to all our clients & partners.

We have a highly professional approach to all our clients and the Agency's business is in accordance with all legal and quality regulations. Such principles have made DGS a reputable and reliable maritime partner, a company where seafarers build long-lasting careers.

We are all a part of the same crew and our priority is the care for the whole crew. Such principles have made DGS a reputable and reliable maritime partner, a company where seafarers build long lasting careers.

All job position:
Job Position
Ship Type
Bulk carrier
Bulk carrier
Bulk carrier
Chief engineer
2nd mate
Bulk carrier
3rd mate
Bulk carrier
2nd engineer
3rd engineer
Cargo hold cleaner
Bulk carrier
Engine cadet
Deck cadet
Chief mate
Bulk carrier
Technical Superintendent
All Ship
Office address:
DGS Ltd. Milutina Barača 7, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

Source: http://bit.ly/2WnpeKV

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