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Hiring Crew For Dry Cargo Vessels (Worldwide Jobs)

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SEAMAN JOB INFO - Available seafarers jobs, seaman direct hire, seaman job vacancy 2019, domestic seaman hiring, seaman job,  urgent job hiring for seaman working in dry cargo vessels.

About Company: www.akaylarshipping.com
Akaylar is an independent shipping company incorporated in Istanbul Turkey. Akaylar was founded in 1968, making Turkey's one of the oldest internationally Ship Owning companies in Coaster segment. Akaylar is a provider of modern transport solutions by sea and related services. We manage, operate and owned a fleet of modern multipurpose dry cargo vessels for carrying various types of Dry Cargo products.

We, as Akaylar are aware about the importance of our personnel. That is why we are happy of rendering the service with increasing quality every day. We offer to our personnels, open to technological developments, share-mind and with a perfect team-work aiming to contribute their personal improvements and to keep their satisfaction at highest levels.

Akaylar offers a supportive working life which is participative and open for improvement and with which we can get the most out of our potential in line with our business objectives. We can identify the goals that will improve our professionalizm in parallel with company intelligence and we do business knowing what contributions our efforts provide to us and to the company.

By filling out new job application from in the Job Application Page, you will be taking the first step toward working at Akaylar. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by the Human Resources and you will be notified when a position suitable to your qualifications is available.

All job openings:
Job Position
Cargo Ship
Chief officer
Cargo Ship
2nd officer
Cargo Ship
3rd officer
Cargo Ship
Chief engineer
Cargo Ship
2nd engineer
Cargo Ship
3rd engineer
Cargo Ship
4th engineer
Cargo Ship
Cargo Ship
Boatswain / Fitter / Oiler
Cargo Ship
Able seaman / Ordinary seaman
Cargo Ship
Cook / Steward
Cargo Ship
Cargo Ship
Office address:
Icerenkoy Cayir Caddesi
Ay Plaza No: 2/4 Atasehir 34752 Istanbul - Turkey
Tel. +90 216 3895894

Source: http://bit.ly/2W2rqqg

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