Seafarers Jobs Joint On Bulk Carrier Vessels (Worldwide Jobs)

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CAREER INFO - Available seafarers jobs, seaman direct hire, seaman job vacancy 2019, domestic seaman hiring, urgent job hiring for seaman working in bulk carrier vessels.

About Company:
At Campbell Shipping, we are interested in the well being of our seafarers. We want to ensure that potential team members are a right fit to our goals and philosophy of excellence. We are committed to finding the right candidates for the right roles. We not only offer competitive packages, but are dedicated to the support and training of our seafarers. Applying to Campbell is more than getting a job, it is about investing in a career.

We believe that seafarers working for Campbell Shipping are happy to be a part of this organization. We continue to attract and retain talented Human Capital, both ashore and at sea. At Campbell Shipping we carefully evaluate and screen potential crew members using best HR practices. Our recruitment and appraisal processes help us to employ the best seafarers and retain them in the company. Our remuneration package and company benefits rank amongst the best in the industry. This combined with the general sense of belonging promoted amongst our team members and exceptional working conditions help us to realize our goals of high crew retention rates and continuity of service.

We are committed to the professional and personal development of our people, valuing them enough to ensure that they are properly trained and equipped with the right tools to function in their roles. We ensure that our teams’ achievements are highly compensated and adequately rewarded. Campbell Shipping Company has entrusted the accomplishment of these goals to the manning office in Mumbai. This team undertakes the full responsibility of all crew management, from recruitment, manning and training of all officers and ratings.

All job openings:
Job Position
Ship Type
Bulk Carrier
Chief engineer
Bulk Carrier
Chief officer
Bulk Carrier
2nd officer
Bulk Carrier
3rd officer
Bulk Carrier
2nd engineer
Bulk Carrier
3rd engineer
Bulk Carrier
4th engineer
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Bulk Carrier
Other Ratings
Bulk Carrier
Office address:
1st Floor Campbell Maritime Centre West Bay Street Nassau, New Providence


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