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Able Seaman | Cook For Container, Bulk, Cargo Vessels (Indonesia)

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SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted/Mar/2019 PT. DELPHINE COMAR INDONESIA. Available jobs hiring for Indonesian seafarers crew working on Container, Bulk, Cargo Vessels.

About Company: www.delphinecomar.com
The group operates through 3 offices in 3 countries. First established in Mangalia, Romania starting with May 1994, we’ve been bringing job seekers and employers together for more than 20 years.
Able Seaman - Cook 
$1113 - $1253 
Ships Type
Container, Bulk Carrier, Cargo Vessels. 
Posisi AB dan AB-Cook.
Kapal cargo, container, bulk carrier.
Flag Belanda.
Punya pengalaman mix-crew.
Bahasa Inggris wajib.
Usia maks 38 tahun.
Gaji AB $ 1,113.
Gaji AB-Cook $ 1,253

Syarat AB :
1. Rating As Able Seafarer Deck
2. Basic Safety Training
3. Security Awareness Training
4. Seafarers With Designated Security Duties
5. Advanced Fire Fighting
6. Proficiency In Survival Craft And Rescue Boats
7. Medical First Aid

Syarat AB-Cook, sama dengan syarat AB dengan tambahan :
1. Ship's Cook Certificate
2. Food Handling
3. Food Safety 

Kirim CV ke dengan subjek POSISI AB atau POSISI AB COOK ke:
ptdelphinecomar@delphinecomar.com atau crew.recruitment@delphinecomar.com

Qualified applicants may send your CV/Resume to > APPLY NOW <

Office Address:
Kirana Two Office Tower Lt.10 Unit C-D Jalan Boulevard Timur Raya Kavling 88, RT.5/RW.2, Pegangsaan Dua, Klp. Gading, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta

Source: http://bit.ly/2HfQypq

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