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Recruit Crew For Container Vessel, Oil Tanker Vessel

seaman job vacancy Malaysia 2019
SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted/Feb/2019 Baltic International Marine Services. Opening vacancies for Seafarers crew join on container vessel, oil tanker vessel.
Chief Officer - 2nd Engineer - 2/O - 3/O - Chief Engineer - Electrician - 3/E - 4/E - Ordinary Seaman - Bosun - Fitter
$2100 - 12000 per month 
Job duration
3-6 months
Sailing area
Ocean going 
BIMS is a well reputable offer well trained and qualified English speaking crews for various types of vessels including Oil, Chemical, LPG and LNG tankers, Container carriers, Bulk carriers, Reefers, Ro-Ro, General Cargo, Offshore vessels.

Qualified applicants may send your CV/Resume to > APPLY NOW <

Source: http://bit.ly/2Sp7EmT

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