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Chief Engineer For Container Vessel (Indonesia)

Lowongan pelaut 2019 jabatan chief engineer (kkm)
SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted/Feb/2019 SALAM PACIFIC INDONESIA LINES. Invite Indonesian seafarers to join with our local Bulk Carrier and Container ships gt 40.000.
Chief Engineer 
RP. 50.000.000 
Job duration
6 months 
Sailing area
Deck Department:
1. Master ANT 1 salary 50.000.000,-
2. Chief Officer ANT 1 salary 35.000.000,-
3. 2nd Officer ANT II salary 18.000.000,-
4. 3rd Officer ANT III salary 13.000.000,-

Engine Department
6. Chief Engineer class 1 salary 50.000.000,-. 
7. 2nd Engineer class 1 salary 35.000.000,-
8. 3rd Engineer class 2 salary 18.0000.000,-
9. 4th Engineer class 3, salary 13.000.000,-

Have experience at the same as Container or Bulk Carrier Ships.
Please to fulfill at web site www.spil.co.id
or by Whatsapp. Contact Person: Mochamad Rizqi Hp. 082139315931.

Source: http://bit.ly/2EaLTSJ

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