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Hiring Crew For Crewboat, MPSV, AHTS, SEISMIC Vessel (Philippines)

Hiring Crew For Crewboat, MPSV, AHTS, SEISMIC Vessel (Philippines)
SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted/Feb/2019 Bourbon Marine Sevices Manila, Inc. Opening careers for Filipino seafarers join on Crewboat, MPSV, AHTS, Seismic Vessel deployment A.S.A.P.

Job Position:
Electrician (ETO)
- 2 years experience on DP vessel but mostly MPSV and DSV
- Aramco approved is AN ADV AS WELL
- With valid H2S certificate marlins from an approved training center

OFFSHORE AHTS VESSEL (Minimum of 24 months exp rank in AHTS)
- Master DPO
- Chief Engineer with DPM
- 2nd Engineer with DPM
- Able Seaman / Cook (With valid NC III, COP II/4 & II/5 - at least 1 years as a cook)

- Surfer (Have to master unlimited licensed, have at least 2 years exp as Surfer pilot)

About Company:
BOURBON operates in 45 countries, with a modern and standardized fleet of more than 508 vessels and 29 operating affiliates. The group is a leading service provider in the offshore oil and gas industry.


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