Urgent Indonesian Seafarers For Crew Boat In Saudi

Lowongan pelaut, job pelaut untuk kapal crew boat di Saudi Arabia join January 2019 perwira, abk gaji standar ITF
SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted Dec/1/2018 Sultan Marine Agency urgent hiring job for Indonesian seafarers join on crew boat in Saudi Aramco deployment A.S.A.P.

Job Position:
- Vessel Crew Boat (Operating Under Aramco in Saudi)
- Experience 28 Months minimum on crew boat type or similar type boat
- English Must have good English as per Aramco Standard
- Salary It depends upon COC & Experience; However an idea 4000 USD Per Month
- Contract 1 Year (6 + 6 Months)

Please to submit CV  as stipulated above to crew@sultanmarineagency.com

Source rewrite: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6474175396362444800

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