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Hiring Crew For Cement Carrier, PSV, Bulk Carrier, Oil Tanker, Container Ships

Urgent job hiring for seaman in Philippines rank officers, engineers, ratings, cadets
SEAMAN JOBS INFO - Posted 10/22/2018 PACIFIC OCEAN MANNING INC. Urgent jobs hiring for seaman in Philippines rank officer, engineer, rating joining A.S.A.P.

- Chief Engineer

Feeder Container SHIP
- Master
- Chief Engineer (4 strokes w/ Crane) (ASAP)

OIL CHEM / PRODUCT / VLCC - with US visa
- 3rd Engineer (VLCC) (ASAP)
- Fitter (with Class Certificate)
- Able Seaman
- Ordinary Seaman
- Bosun

- Chief Engineer (ME- Camless) (RTFLEX) (ASAP)
- 2nd Engineer (ME- Camless) (RTFLEX) (ASAP)
- Chief Cook

CHEMICAL TANKER SHIP - with US visa (November / December Deployment)
- Pumpman (Framo) (November / December)
- Ordinary Seaman (November / December)
- Bosun
- Chief Cook (November / December)
- Assistant Cook (November / December)

- 2nd Engineer (w/ Grab & Crane)

PSV (Offshore)
- Chief Cook (European Cuisine) (w/ valid Schengen visa)
- Able Seaman (w/ valid Schengen visa) (Panama / Liberia Booklet)
- Oiler (w/ valid Schengen visa)

BULK CARRIER SHIP (Self Unloader) 
- Chief Engineer
- 2nd Engineer

- Master
- Chief Engineer
- 2nd Engineer
- Chief Officer

Office address:
Aseana 2 Bldg. Bradco Ave. Aseana City Paranaque (front of Baclaran Church / S&R Macapagal) and look for Mr. Ryan Gil in the recruitment department.
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