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(8x)Stewardess, (6x)Bosun, (8x) Cook, (3x) Crane Operator, (5x) Elect, (4x)3/E, (4x)2/E, For Offshore Vessels

Seaman job hiring without experience for Filipino ship crew join November - December 2018
SEAMAN JOB INFO - Posted 10/24/2018 Ptc-Northern Marine Management updated merchant seaman careers are urgently needed Filipino crew the following:

1x 3rd Engineer with US Visa – URGENT
4x 2nd Engineer
4x 3rd Engineer
5x Electrician/ETO
3x Crane Operator. (Certified Sparrows Stage 3)
3x Cook
5x 2nd Cook
6x Bosun
8x Stewardess

These positions required should have experience in All support vessels (AHTS, CSV, PSV,). Please report immediately tomorrow and look for me at Northern Marine Management 5f, First Maritime Place Building 7458 Bagtikan St., San Antonio Village, Makati City.

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