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Job Descriptions And Responsibility Of Chief Officer / Chief Mate At Ship

Chief officer or chief mate is a senior officer in ship have job descriptions and responsibility responsible to ship captain, include:

- Perform the task to keep the navigation.
- Calculate the stability of the ship.
- Handling of cargo,lashing and verification.
- Deck maintenance,hull,pollution prevention equipment.
- Waste disposal, monitoring the reefer temperature on ship during load or voyage or demolition.
- Administration, supervision, safe operation and economical on deck department, maintenance and care all room and supplies under the responsibility.
- Organizing daily book deck, rudd move book, port log, sounding book with books note related with activities on deck department.
- Check and keep activity take apart-load,with writing activity take apart,load operation.
- As safety officer(safety officer), working together with 1st engineer,ensure conditions work safety a on ship and keep all level work,especially related with activities on deck so that all activities as you wish with safety.
- As you wish care departement deck,with do inspection the deemed necessary or like instructed by master.
- Keep maintenance and care the tools safety and other,and the tools the fire departement.
- Training of the crew
- Examination and chcek CO2 system work together with KKM.
- Keep training kadet deck.
- Doing task other give by master.

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