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Able seaman for crew boat

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Seaman jobs, seafarer jobs, job at sea recruitment able seaman experience offshore crew boat vessel join onboard A.S.A.P. Our client crewing companies located in Leer, Germany. We provide Principals with well-educated and competent seamen from a single seafarer to a complete crew for all types of vessels, including: Bulkers, Containers, Heavy Lifts, Ro-Ro, Passengers, Yacht, Oil, Tankers also we specialize in offshore fleet, such asAHTS vessels, cable layers, drilling vessels and offshore installations, etc.

NOTE: This job free of charge
Able seaman 
Company name
FW crewing service 
$800 per month 
Job duration
6 months 
Vessel info
  • Vessel type Crew boat.
  • The crew onboard Mixed.
  • Sailing area Saudi Arabia.
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