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Recruitment Crew For General Cargo & Container Ship

Recruitment Crew For General Cargo & Container Ship
We are looking deck, engine and cadet crew to change crew finish contact at general cargo and container ship join onboard mid of May - end of June 2018. Venosa marine is crewing agency based in Singapore. Was established in 2013 as a holding and parent company for the group's various activities. The company its associates are engaged in various sectors of Maritime Industry and International Trading.

NOTE: This recruitment free of charge
Officers - Enginers - Ratings - Cadet 
$1200 - $11000 
Job duration
6 - 10 months 
Sailing area
Ocean going 
  • Minimum 3 contract in rank on similar vessels.
  • Valid STCW documents.
  • Complete travel document.
  • Good English skills (Marlins test is an advantage).
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