Working on a cargo ship, bulk carrier ship in best company

Working on a cargo ship, bulk carrier ship in best company
Are you looking jobs at sea? we recommended the best company to you working on a cargo ship or bulk carrier ship.

About company |
Since 1968, Gearbulk has been setting standards for reliable, cost-effective and innovative ocean transport.

Have specialise in cargo that requires special handling and stowage such as pulp, aluminium, orange juice or granite. Our expertise extends to conventional bulk. The decks of our open hatch ships - the world's largest fleet - are perfect for project cargo. Our box-shaped holds with wide hatch openings offer efficient stowage and safe transport. Our onboard gantry and jib cranes speed up loading and discharge.   

Each year our ships make thousands of port calls in more than 70 countries on five continents. Our terminals and logistics services ensure our dedication to detail throughout the supply chain and our people, ashore and onboard, make it all happen.

Jobs at Sea

Crew and cadet training openings are managed through Ship Management office in Bergen, Norway. The Gearbulk fleet is manned by Officers and Crew mainly from India, the Philippines, China and Poland. 

If you wish to apply for a position kindly contact the relevant manning agency for more information - see table below for contact details.

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