Need Deckhand For Trawl Fishing Vessel

Need Deckhand For Trawl Fishing Vessel job
Available marine job vacancy for seaman rank ranting experience work at fishing vessel join onboard end of this month. If you interested to apply, please read and complete requirements before submitting your application. Our client Rusia shipowner looking deckhand for trawl fishing vessel.

NOTE: This job free of charge

Job description:
- Prepare nets, lines and other fishing tackle, and operate fishing gear to catch fish and other marine life.
- Clean, sort and pack fish in ice and stow catch in a hold.
- Repair nets, splice ropes and maintain fishing gear and other deck equipment.
- Clean deck surfaces and fish hold.
- Handle mooring lines during docking.
- May steer vessels to and from fishing areas.
- May prepare and cook meals for crew members.

For these jobs, you should enjoy working outdoors and being physically active. Good eyesight and health are important. You may be exposed to extreme weather conditions and varying climates. You must be alert, patient, and observant. Some jobs involve irregular or long hours and may be seasonal.

Job requirements:
- There are no specific educational requirements.
On-the-job training is provided.
- Fishing vessel deckhands require a commercial fishing license.

Please share with your friend/family looking job at fishing vessel with solution for all people looking job at sea.

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