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What Jobs Listing and Responsibility Ship Captain

Jobs Listing and Responsibility Ship Captain
The ship captain has the power on board and has full power on board the vessels necessary for safety, pollution prevention and operation.

In an emergency situation (for the safety of the ship, the build-up of its cargo), the Master has the authority (for the great rescue authority) to make decisions in the interest of salvation and safety.

Ship captain has legitimate authority over all persons on board.

Ship captain has the following responsibilities:
- Safety and survival of the crew.
- Safety of ships, cargo and environment.
- Implementation of company policy on safety and environmental protection.
- The motivation of crew in the implementation of company policy.
- Verify that certain requirements have been complied with.
- Undertake a review of the safety management system and report results to management on land.
- Communication between ship and port.
- Updating all documents related to security and environmental protection.
- Ensure that the record book is accurate and up to date.
- Making decisions regarding safety and pollution prevention.
- Issue command and instructions briefly and clearly.
- Ensure crew equipment maintenance.
- Ask for company help that may be required.
- Ensure that waste disposal/burning garbage is only done in accordance with the ship flag.

In all matters affecting the safety of the ship or the environment, the ship captain should report directly to DPA.

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