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ship captain
The duties and responsibilities of the chief officer directly responsible to the ship captain include:
- Carry out navigation duty tasks.
- Calculate the stability of the ship.
- Cargo handling, lashing and verification.
- Maintenance of deck, hull and pollution prevention equipment.

- Responsible for garbage disposal and monitor reefer temperature in a ship during loading / voyage / discharging.

- Administration, supervision, safe and economical operation in the department deck as well as maintenance and maintenance of all equipment rooms under its responsibility.

- Organizing diary decks, motion books, port logs, sounding books and other notebooks that are related to the activities in the department deck.

- Inspect and supervise loading and unloading activities, and record the loading and unloading activities.

- As a safety officer working with first engineer, ensuring safe working conditions aboard the vessel and overseeing all levels of work, particularly those related to activities in the Deck for all activities to be carried out safely.

- Conduct the maintenance of the Deck department, and conduct any necessary inspections or as instructed by ship Captain.

- Supervise maintenance and maintenance of safety equipment and equipment fire extinguishers.
- Training of the ship crew in an emergency situation.
- Checking and checking CO2 system in collaboration with chief engineer.
- Carry out other tasks assigned by ship captain.

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