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Chief engineer job description

Chief engineer job description
Chief engineer of duties and responsibility work at ship

The chief engineer responsibilities include:
- Security and operational efficiency of vessels and maintenance of all machines operated and reserved / standby.
- Maintenance and recording in accordance with company requirements and procedures.
- Ensure that legislation and class surveys are conducted on all machines and equipment.
- Ensure that the oil record books required by the flag state and machine diary are accurate and up to date.
- Ensure that parts are sufficient.

- Operation of CO2 installation system.
- Maintenance of essential equipment.
- Training of the crew.
- Pumping system and ballast pump.
- Hydraulic and electrical equipment of all deck and equipment machinery.
- Oil water separator system.
- Fuel dissipation.

- Maintain and fill in all documents and reports related to the machine department.
- Cleanliness of engine room, sewer, pump room, air conditioning, steering wheel and bowthruster room.
- Communication with a company through captain.
- Ensure that oil or waste oil is never disposed of in the sea.
- Replaces 2nd engineer's job if not on board.
- Carry out the duties of the ship captain.

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