Urgent job hiring for seaman in canada

job hiring for seaman in canada
Available seaman jobs in Canada rank officers, engineers, ratings, cadets joining date A.S.A.P. If you interested to apply, please completed requirements open position before submit your application.

Description for officers, engineers, ratings, cadets
A. Officers and engineers
Officers and engineers are ship crew given the rank of deck officers and engine officers ( engineers ) divided into two departments and rank positions as follows:
1. Deck officers = Master, Chief officer, 2nd officer, 3rd officer, Radio operator and more
2. Engine officers = Chief engineer, 1st engineer, 2nd engineer, 3rd engineer, electrician and more

B. Ratings
Ratings are ship crew that is in direct command by the officers of each department and divided into a deck rating, engine rating has the following positions:
1. Deck ratings = Bosun, Able bodied seaman, Ordinary seaman, Cook, Mess man and more
2. Engine ratings = Oiler, Welder, Wiper, Pump man and more

C. Cadet
Cadet is a prospective officer or engineer has the duty that is learned on the ship but more importantly refers to learn put ourselves in the sense that before an officer that's how it feels to be subordinate, that the actual work on the vessel.

List of job hiring for seaman in Canada:

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