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6 Way to make a good seafarer resume

6 Way to make a good seafarer resume
Resume describing who you are experience and your position onboard. Therefore, before you apply at a shipping company or crewing company please make your best resume, because the resume is a very important key that can make you manage to get a job.

This is the 6 way to make a good seafarer resume

1. Describe the purpose of your looking job
Do not fully explain the background of why you want to work. Maybe you want the person reading your resume can look at the motivations and goals of your life, but in fact, this will only make you judged as being only concerned with themselves and want to find sympathy.

2. The position of employment not relevant
If you already have a lot of work experience, do not put all your work experience if your previous position is not relevant to the job you want to get it now.

Put your work experience or position related to the position you want to ask in these companies.

Anyway, the amount of work experience that you enter will only make people judge that you are the person who is not loyal because you frequently change jobs.

3. Bragging your self
In creating a resume, do not write all the things that you can do all things. Advertises itself is fine, but don't be excessive. Focus on one skill, so that they can assess you as a professional.

4. Language that is hard to understand
Use a sentence that is easy to understand that aims to attract the reader resumes to impress. In fact, if you use a language that is hard, most of the readers would resume as HRD are lazy to read it.

5. Details about yourself
Although you have a lot of experience or informal education, do not write everything in your resume.

Resume is a sheet or two sheets of paper that wrote the outline of your picture, not a diary that you can make detail about all your previous work experience.

Strain carefully what you want to write when creating a resume. If you can create your resume concise and clear making it look more professional.

That way people who read it would be more easily attracted to recruit you to join their company.

6. Photos casual or excessive
Don't submit a photo casual or excessive with the style of the model. In attaching a photo in your resume, put photograph professional and neat with a case of plain white background colors, red and blue.

That way, people who see a professional appearance in your photographs.

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