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Recrutment Crew For LNG, Oil Tankers, Crude Carriers, Bunkering Tankers

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MARINE JOBS - Available vacancies at Agile maritime resources location on Philippine recrutment crew for LNG vessel, oil tanker vessel, crude carriers, bunkering tankers and more.
Officers - Ratings - Cadet
Job duration
3 - 10 months
Sailing area

  • Experience in same ranks
  • Good English
  • Completed STCW 2010 and valid
  • Prefer US visa
  • Fit medical check up
To Apply
About Agile Maritime Resources Inc.
Over 20 years of experience in ship manning and crew management shaped AGILE into a nurturing organization, sensitive to the needs of its seafarers and their families and looking out for the interest of its clients  the shipowners. Ever adaptive to the rapidly changing business horizon of the global shipping industry is what makes AGILE a reliable partner.

Agile office address : 3906 Woodland Park Centre, Hen. Macabulos Street Bangkal, Makati City - Philippines

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