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Vacanies For Master, C/O, 2/O, 3/O, C/E, 2/E, 3/E, Electrician, OS, Cook, Fitter

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SEAMAN JOBS - Vacancies on Navibulgar company open recruitment crew for cargo ship.
Master - C/O,- - 2/O - 3/O - C/E - 2/E - 3/E - Electrician - OS - Cook, -Fitter 
Job duration
4 - months  
Sailing area
Ocean going 
  • Experience in same rank
  • Individual employment contract
  • Social and health insurance in accordance with the Bulgarian tax legislation 
  • Opportunities for rapid career development of both officers and the ratings 
  • Security and comfort in the company, expanding its fleets with new ships, even in times of crisis 
  • Close contact with the management, flexibility and feedback
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Website : www.navbul.com

Navibulgar company description
Navibulgar is the successor to a shipping company established in 1892. Until August 14, 2008 the company was the biggest State Ship Owning Company with over a century-old tradition and experience in the shipping industry. Presently, being a private company with 70% German - Bulgarian capital, 120 years inheritance and adopting the principles of a private key market player, NAVIBULGAR has an even stronger position in Bulgaria and on the international scene.

Address : 1, Primorski Boulevard, 9000 Varna - Bulgaria 

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