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Vacancies for cargo vessel and oil tankers

Vacancies for cargo vessel and oil tankers - seamanjobsolution.com
SEAMAN JOBS - Rvs marine open vacancies crew for cargo vessel and oil tankers joining A.S.A.P
C/O - Bosun - Fitter - Oiler - AB - OS - Cadet
Job duration
6 - 10 months
Sailing area
Ocean going
RVS marine service
We offer a vast, highly skilled and complete crew management to the shipping industry. Our seafarers are our strongest asset and believe in building lasting relation with them.

Website : www.rvsmarine.com

Address : Plot no 789 office no 2113 Rumah Kedai,Piasau Jaya, Phase II 98000 Miri Sarawak - Malaysia
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