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Need Crew For Chemical Tanker Ship

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Marine & Offshore Solution S/b request for experienced chemical tanker ship crews. We are the ship management company located in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia, Messrs. ALB Marine S/B as the owner of the vessel, we would like to invite your reputed company/individual to quote for competitive rate as for followings for supporting of quality ship crews from your local agency.

- Recruitment fee per head on one off basis, or
- Crewing fee in monthly based if applicable.
- Medical check-up fee.
- Other miscellaneous costs involved in details breakdown.

This is new built vessel at 6,800 dwt at Hakata Shipyard-Japan, a chemical tanker type II and III, registered Malaysia-Port Kelang, intended cargo is within methanol wide range. Trading areas shall be limited to South East Asia, including China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and east coast of India. She is yet to have fixed charterer and cargo at the moment. The vessel will be delivered on 12th-Jan-2017 and the first batch of ship crews to join ship on 12th-Dec-2016 (for chief officer, second officer, chief engineer and second engineer). As our company's principle, we are looking for mixed nationality (preferrable local) of ship crews for higher productivity from different diverse cultures and back ground. The rest of ship crews with master will be onboard on 5-6th-Jan-2017.

The ship crews requirement shall have high quality and performance ship crews with chemical handling exposure, preferable to meet SIRE INSPECTION standard at all times. For the start, we are looking for few candidates c.v for our selection and interview. The monthly salary scales with all inclusive are as follows :

1. Master – USD8,000.00
2. Chief officer – USD6,000.00
3. Second Officer –USD3,000.00
4. Third officer, --USD2,200.00
5. Chief engineer, --USD7,500.00
6. 2nd Engineer, --USD6,000.00
7. 3rd Engineer, --USD3,000.00
8. 4th Engineer, --USD2,200.00
9. Electrical engineer, USD2,400.00
10. Bosun, --USD1,300.00
11. A.B—USD1,000.00
12. Fitter, --USD1,300.00
13. Greaser,--USD1,000.00
14. Cook, --USD1,300.00
15. Total Complements : 18 pax. This is our draft proposed budgetary salary scale, small variance is acceptable but cannot far from our overall costing. Please send your c.v with expected salary.

Appreciate for your prompt reply so that we could short listed few manning agency/individual for crewing supply, kindly outline your company policy and standard wages if you have. Crew contract is minimum for six months onboard and the victualing is at USD8/head/day to be handled by ship's master.

Please send all c.v/corresponde to our common e-mail: fleet@maroff.com.my or visit maroff.com.my

All candidates shall have good track records in chemical tanker and have SIRE or any oil major inspection exposure.

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