LNG Shipping Companies List

MARINE JOBS - Information list of LNG shipping companies with good salary and best makes your career in ship.

1. MISC LNG Shipping
Delivering over 10% of the world’s liquefied natural gas across the seas, best track record of LNG transport and operation excellence over three decades is a testament to commitment towards reliability, safety, on-time cargo deliveries and enduring partnerships.

If you interested to join sea going professionals in MISC please submit your application below.

2.Teekay Tankers
Teekay tankers established in 1973, Teekay into a one of LNG shipping companies the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage and production companies.

If you are ready a make careers in world class company, please apply below to get for seafarers application.

3. Anthony Veder Lng Shipping
Based on our strong presence in liquid gas transportation there is a firm foundation to expend our small and midscale LNG shipping activities in various regions around the globe.

Below vacancies at sea for highly qualified seafarers who would like to grow with Anthony veder, both personally and professionally.

4. Eni LNG Shipping
Eni LNG Shipping SpA was incorporated on 26 July 2001 and operates in the transportation by sea of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the use of two LNG tanker ship.

Make your best careers with Eni shipping company below.


5. Rasgas
RasGas shipping company is one of the world’s class premier LNG enterprises and has an enviable reputation for being a safe and reliable supplier of LNG that has transformed a regional resource into a key component of the global energy.

Below is Rasgas vacancies,if your interested to join onboard.

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