Job On Car Carrier Ship

Job On Car Carrier Ship
3/O - Electrician - 2/E
Job duration
6 months
Sailing area
Recruitment crew on car carrier ship join onboard end of February 2017.

If you interested to apply, please completed requirements below.

  • Complete all stcw 2010 and valid
  • Exp 3 years in same rank
  • Able speak English
  • Fit medical check up
  • Prefer US visa
Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.

About car carrier ship
Car carriers ships to serve to transport the production  of big companies in car industry. Besides cars the cargo of those ships consist of trucks, excavators, buses, and often containers and heavy parts. Loading and unloading is done by car carrier movable ramps that this type of vessels are equipped with the help of auxiliary trucks, forklifts or tractors for  part of the cargo.

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