Full Crew On Oil Tanker ship

Full Crew On Oil Tanker ship
SEAMAN JOBS - Vacancies on oil tanker ship required full crew join with Blue bird shipping marine crewing agency.
Chief officer - Chief Engineer - 2nd Officer - 2nd Engineer - 3rd Officer - 3rd Engineer - 4th Engineer - Deck ratings - Engine ratings - Cadet
Job duration
3 - 10 months
Sailing area
Ocean going
- Candidate should be physically fit.
- Nautical Officer 3 year B.Sc.
- Engineer Officer 4 year Marine Engineering degree course.
- Deck and engine ratins 18-25 Years Eye Sight 6/6, with color vision. 

Blue bird shipping description
Complete manning solutions to all the vessels with manning and management, order to provide this is having a very healthy database of different Marine Officers & Ratings.
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Website : www.bluebirdshipping.in

Address : 111-A, Ashiana Galaxy, Exhibition Road, Patna - India

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