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Chief Engineer On December 2016

C/E 9 Chief Engineer ) 
 $5000 per month
Job duration
6 months 
Sailing area
Chief Engineers are required for tugs and barge non-DP maintenance vessels. Successful candidates must have last tug or offshore ships experience with ME power more than 4000 BHP We offer permanent employment with 6 months on/ 2 months off and salary of 5000 USD per month join onboard mid of December 2016. 

- have at least two years experience as a Chief Engineer on diesel or diesel-electric propelled vessels. 
- have the ability to overhaul main engines, turbo charger, injection pumps,generator engines and all other types of hydraulic pumps. 
- capable of performing the troubleshooting of any marine machinery failure.  

Available jobs it's free to crew candidate members related to their process and embarkation.

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